Set price alerts for Terra

With our completely free price alerts, you won't miss any more bargains. Automatically get notified about targets, volatility or simply at regular intervals.

Target Alert

Get notified when the price of Terra goes above or below your target. Create fully-customizable alarms tailored specifically to your needs. Enjoy real-time price monitoring and alerting across all our price comparison exchanges. You can set up price alerts for any of the Top #100 crypto assets that Cryptoradar supports.

Volatility Alert

Get notified when the price of Terra changes by a specific percentage value. Are you expecting whale movements or new tweets by Elon Musk? Set volatility alerts to detect price anomalies and get notified about flash crashes and large price swings.

Periodic Alert

Get notified about the price of Terra at regular intervals. Tired of checking the price every morning? Set a periodic alert and price updates will automatically be delivered to you via Email, Telegram, Discord or Slack at the same desired time every day.

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