Kriptomat is an EU-based and licensed exchange and wallet service that offers a simple way to buy, sell and store crypto. Choose from many fiat payment options such as VISA / Mastercard and trade more than 350 cryptocurrencies.

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I had a very quick verification and then wanted to do a test transfer, but my online bank showed me that this Kriptomat bank does not exist ...
A clear NO-GO for me

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Ich habe eine sehr schneller Verifikation gehabt und wollte dann eine Testüberweisung machen, jedoch wurde mir bei meiner Online-Bank angezeigt, dass es diese Kriptomatbank nicht gibt...
Für mich ein klares NO-GO

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3 years ago

Verified User

Be very careful, your information may be leaked to fraudsters. I registered, my information was leaked to the fraudulent hexally and the result was 1815 euros.

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Çok dikkatli olun,bilgileriniz dolandırıcılara sızdırılabilir.ben kayıt oldum bilgilerim dolandırıcı hexally e sızdı ve sonuç 1815 euro dolandırıldım

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2 years ago

Verified Purchase

BE AWARE Dont work with them, we had 4 transfers with them until we transferred amount above 15,000 Euro, they asked for documents two times even our account were business verified, we provided them with details of transfers in our bank account from other companies which they are not related to kriptomat...

Lastly, when we asked for refund and they closed our account they sent back the money with reference in the transfer "AML check failed" they tried to make for us issues with our bank account.

Dont work with them, they are not transparent and they charge almost 4% on the exchange

Now they will reply that according to the EU regulations they must ask for documents to verify the business, but this all does not make sense when you want to work as crypto exchange and you have already collected documents to verify the business source of funds.

1 month ago

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