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Bit2Me Review 2024: Trusted Crypto Trading

Team Cryptoradar by Team Cryptoradar

Updated: May 16, 2024

Navigating the constantly changing world of cryptocurrencies can be quite challenging when it comes to finding a trustworthy platform for trading your digital assets.

Bit2Me stands out as a leader in the industry, providing an extensive range of crypto services tailored for both beginners and seasoned traders. Curious why you haven't heard about Bit2Me yet? Let's change that.

About Bit2Me

It’s like.. The Spanish Coinbase

Bit2Me is a prominent Spanish crypto trading platform that is registered with the Bank of Spain* and helps you navigate the world of cryptocurrencies. Established in 2014, it serves over a million users across 80 countries. You can use Bit2Me to buy, sell, and trade more than 240 different cryptocurrencies. Bit2Me's mission is to make using Bitcoin and Web3 secure and straightforward and their focus is on keeping things simple and accessible for everyone.

Today, it's not just about buying Bitcoin like in the beginning. Bit2Me has grown into a diverse company that does a lot more than just trading. They offer a bunch of different services like helping with taxes, providing crypto consulting, and offering services for businesses, just like big names such as Binance and Coinbase. Bit2Me serves as a convenient all-in-one solution for those deeply involved in cryptocurrencies. To get a clearer picture, take a look at the table of products and services provided below.

Bit2Me Value Proposition

Why Bit2Me might be the right pick for you

Asset Security: A Paramount Priority

Keeping your digital money safe is crucial, and Bit2Me is really serious about it. They have special certifications (ISO 22301 and ISO 27001) that show they're committed to strong security. If you have cryptocurrencies in your Bit2Me wallet, they store users' cryptocurrencies in a cold wallet with €150,000,000 insurance in collaboration with Ledger Enterprise. And here's an extra layer of safety: Bit2Me doesn't use your assets as collateral for loans. Plus, they regularly check and update their security to make sure it stays super strong.

Regulatory Compliance: Protecting Your Interests

Being a fully regulated crypto exchange means you need to follow certain rules, like giving Bit2Me a picture of your ID. This is done to keep everything safe and prevent bad things like funding terrorism. However, because of these rules, sometimes your transactions or account might be put on hold until you explain what you're doing. It's like a trade-off – these rules make things more secure, but they can also make things a bit tricky for you as a user.

Ease of Use: Simplicity for Beginners

While advanced features are essential for experienced traders, a user-friendly interface is crucial for beginners. strikes a balance between these two aspects, providing a platform that is both sophisticated and easy to navigate. This ensures a smooth trading experience for traders of all skill levels.

Variety of Coins: Diverse Cryptocurrency Support

The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, with new tokens emerging regularly. caters to this dynamic market by offering a diverse range of more than 240 cryptocurrencies, including both established and emerging projects. This allows you to diversify your portfolio and explore new investment opportunities.

Customer Support: A Helping Hand Always Available

Navigating the cryptocurrency market can be challenging, especially for beginners. So if you ever run into questions, Bit2Me provides responsive customer support in seven languages, around the clock, through various channels, including email, phone, and live chat. The platform's support team is knowledgeable and helpful, ensuring that you can resolve any issues quickly. This customer support, offered in multiple languages and through user-friendly channels like WhatsApp, further solidifies Bit2Me's position as a top choice for crypto traders seeking a seamless and secure trading experience.

Reliability and Stability: A Smooth Trading Experience

A reliable trading platform is essential for executing trades without disruptions. Bit2Me boasts a proven track record of uptime and stability, handling high trading volumes without any hiccups. This ensures that your trades execute smoothly and accurately, minimizing the risk of missing out on opportunities.

In a Nutshell

Bit2Me - A Safe Spot for Crypto Fans

Bit2Me has emerged as a compelling option for crypto traders, offering a comprehensive suite of services, competitive fees, and a user-friendly interface. With its robust security measures, reliable platform, and diverse cryptocurrency support, Bit2Me positions itself as a trusted partner for both novice and experienced traders.

Looking ahead, considering Bit2Me's strong foundation and commitment to user satisfaction, it wouldn't be surprising to witness a growth trajectory similar to that of Coinbase. A potential global expansion, unicorn valuation, and the ultimate achievement of ringing the bell at a public exchange listing could be on the horizon for Bit2Me, marking its continued success in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

*Registration in this registry does not imply any approval or verification of the activity carried out by virtual currency to fiat currency service providers and electronic wallet custodians by the Bank of Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How legit is Bit2Me?

Bit2Me is a highly legitimate digital asset company, especially well-known in places where people speak Spanish. Bit2Me is an official trademark that is held by Bitcoinforme S.L. They're officially registered with the Bank of Spain. What's more, some major players like BBVA, Investcorp, Telefónica Ventures, Stratminds, and even Emurgo, which is linked to the well-known cryptocurrency Cardano, support Bit2Me financially. Having these big companies backing them is a strong indicator of Bit2Me's legitimacy in the world of digital assets.

Where is Bit2Me based?

Based in Alicante, Spain, Bit2Me headquarters are in a real, physical location. It stands out by not being registered in tax havens, operating under a pro-consumer jurisdiction, and maintaining a harmonious relationship with regulators. This legal foundation is crucial for user protection and adherence to regulatory frameworks.

Who is behind Bit2Me?

The Founder and CEO of Bit2Me Group is Leif Ferreira, a seasoned programmer and serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. He spearheaded the company's remarkable growth, transforming it from a mere crypto buying site into a comprehensive crypto ecosystem encompassing a myriad of services and products. Additionally, Andrei Manuel, Co-Founder, and Koh Onozawa, Co-CEO, stand out as key figures behind the Bit2Me platform. The latter was honored in the inaugural Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list in 2016, and also being recognized as a finalist for the EY Ernst & Young Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2015.

How much are Bit2Me fees?

Trading fees can significantly impact your overall profitability. Bit2Me offers a range of services with competitive fees. While specific fee can be seen on the summary screen before confirming the purchase, the Bit2Me ‘Pro’ offering advertises competitive rates ranging from 0% to 0.6%. These rates are intended to provide users with fair and transparent pricing options.

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