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Meet Cryptoradar 2 — Now featuring Reviews, Profiles & Collections

Team Cryptoradar by Team Cryptoradar

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Looking back…

Cryptoradar was originally a side project developed as part of the Product Hunt Global Hackathon which took place last November. Back then our goal was to create something simple yet useful for the crypto community. That lead to the participation in the hackathon and it felt like we narrowly missed the podium, landing gently in the honorable mentions. However, regardless of the competition, we decided to post Cryptoradar directly on Product Hunt and guess what? We made it to the front page and got 500+ upvotes ?

Goodbye, old interface!

In the months that followed, we started thinking about how we could implement the feedback we received from you as early users and the crypto and startup communities to improve Cryptoradar even further.

Here’s what we’ve come up with…

We’re pleased to announce the release of Cryptoradar 2

In addition to our real-time cryptocurrency price monitoring and alert service that compares more than 300 exchange rates from more than 30 exchanges and brokers in a matter of seconds, it features:


You can now earn reputation in the crypto community by reviewing your go-to bitcoin marketplaces. To encourage our users to share their reviews with peers we’ll add a personal referral link to each submitted review as a special incentive. In return, you will be able to check out how fellow crypto enthusiasts think about their favorite markets and upvote helpful reviews.


By creating a profile, you’ll unlock a more powerful feature-set, including:

  • Wallets Lists
    This is your answer to the repetitive “Where should I send you that cryptocurrency?” question. Accept crypto payments and donations smoothly by adding public cryptocurrency wallet addresses to your Cryptoradar profile and easily share them with friends and followers.
  • Reviews
    Here you’ll find a quick overview of all your authored reviews.
  • Affiliate Links ?
  • We may have hit peak bitcoin last December (for now) but the crypto affiliate market is just starting to thrive with new exchanges and brokers popping up everywhere. “Ref link shilling”, as referred to by crypto twitter, has become a rewarding pursuit and with Cryptoradar Profiles never been easier. Simply add all your crypto referral links to your profile and share them all as a whole list with friends and followers.


Cryptoradar already serves as a first touchpoint for many beginners. Thus, we see it as our responsibility to provide additional information beyond the price for interested crypto folks and hereby introduce our Collections. They are a compilation of useful bitcoin and blockchain resources that will hopefully serve as a guide for beginners who want to venture deeper into the rabbit hole of the crypto universe. Check them out and let us know if we missed anything.

Improved UX/UI

Not only have we given Cryptoradar a fresh look but also improved the ease of use by simplifying the search bar and implementing new filters to make your quest for the best cryptocurrency exchange even more customizable. Moreover, extending our list of supported cryptocurrencies, we’ve added IOTA, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, as well as plenty of new crypto marketplaces.


For the first version of Cryptoradar we relied on crypto donations. For Cryptoradar 2 we are switching to the affiliate marketing model and will earn a tiny commission whenever you choose to buy cryptocurrencies via the affiliate links embedded in our service. Rest assured, however, that the ranking of service providers is purely based on the current price and user reviews and is not influenced by any affiliate payments. Ideally, this switch will spare us some change for coffee ☕

Bonus: By adding the affiliate links of our users to their authored marketplace reviews, you as our community now can profit too from our new affiliate marketing model.

Lastly, we want to thank the Product Hunt and crypto communities for all the feedback that kept us going. We can recommend and encourage everyone to participate in hackathons and competitions, as these are the things that can result in such a project ✌️

Please feel free to tweet us anytime @cryptoradarco with any questions, feedback or ideas.


The Cryptoradar Team

PS: We launched Cryptoradar 2 on Product Hunt today and would appreciate your upvotes.

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