Coinmerce, established in 2017 by a small team based in the Netherlands, emphasizes a user-centric approach. Their primary focus revolves around the real individuals utilizing Coinmerce. They are aiming to empower beginners and cultivate their skills into expertise.

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Verified Purchase

Very easy to use, verification done in less than a minute, great support.

2 years ago

Verified User

- ok ID verification process (7/10)
- good spread (8/10)
- good deposit fees for "iDeal" & "Bank transfer"

- poorly translated page (7/10), worse German translation (4/10)
- fees for deposit hidden in FAQ
- bad deposit fee for "Sofort" (instant bank payment)
- convoluted withdrawal (2/10) to ad a withdrawal address you have to:
"You can verify your address by uploading a printscreen of your wallet.
The printscreen should show:
1. The destination address in the account
2. The URL of the website / The whole screen"
- no way to delete your account except writing an email to support (2/10)
- account stuck on "Bank Verification" after ID verification even though I did not start a "Bank Verification" process nor added a bank account
- claim to have Live Chat Support but don't

Worst Crypto exchange experience in quite a while.

1 month ago

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