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The Best Bitcoin & Blockchain Events 2020

Jan 12, 2020

We have looked at the quality of speaker lineups and retrospective enthusiasm for last year’s crypto-related events to determine what conferences should be on your radar in 2020.

Over time, numerous cryptocurrency events and conferences have popped up, making it more and more difficult to figure out which events can bring real value to your personal or professional life and which ones are simply a waste of time and money. We have looked at the quality of speaker lineups and retrospective engagement metrics for last year’s crypto-related events to determine what conferences should be on your radar in 2020.

The North American Bitcoin Conference 2020


The North American Bitcoin Conference is taking place at the James L. Knight Center in Miami on January 15 - 17, 2020. The agenda will focus on enterprise and broader applications for blockchain while still covering key crypto topics such as regulation and adoption.

  • Date: January 15 - 17
  • Location: Miami, United States
  • Venue: James L. Knight Center
  • Key Speakers: Bobby Lee (Founder, BTC China & Ballet Wallet), Nick Spanos (Founder, NYC Bitcoin Center), Marco Santori (President,, Kathleen Breitman (Co-Founder, Tezos & Coase), Charlie Shrem (Untold Stories Podcast Host and Bitcoin Pioneer), Stefan Rust (CEO,, Craig Sellars (Co-Founder, Tether)

Advancing Bitcoin Conference 2020


Advancing Bitcoin is a 2 day developer conference where you can listen to, learn from, and become inspired by the latest technical developments in the Bitcoin. Speakers will share with you what they've been working on and some of their lessons learnt.

  • Date: February 6-7
  • Location: London, UK
  • Venue: Events @ No6
  • Key Speakers: Andrew Poelstra (Director of Research, Blockstream), Andrew Chow (BTC Core Contributor), Jimmy Song (Author, Programming Bitcoin), Adam Ficsor (Founder, Wasabi Wallet), Peter McCormack (Podcast Host, What Bitcoin Did), Valentine Wallace (Developer, Square Crypto), Sergi Delgado (Bitcoin Lead, PISA Research)

Blockchain Economy


While the blockchain economy is a scenario and potential future environment in which cryptocurrency replaces current monetary systems, potentially on a global basis, the Blockchain Economy Conference in Istanbul will be the largest meeting in the region on behalf of the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, with a wide range of topics focused on the financial technologies of the future, extensive networking opportunities and participation from more than 60 countries.

  • Date: February 20-21
  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Venue: WOW Convention Center
  • Keynote Speakers: John McAfee (Antivirus Pioneer, Crypto Evangelist), Nicolas Cary (Co-Founder,, Emin Gün Sirer (CEO, AVA Labs) Tom Lee (Wall Street Analyst), Lennix Lai (Financial Markets Director, OKex), Mariana Gospodinova (General Manager Europe,



TOKEN2049 is a flagship digital asset event of Asia Crypto Week, which is back again in Hong Kong after the successful inaugural event week in March 2019. The event is shining a light on the global developments of this new asset class, while taking a unique and widening perspective on the token industry and its opportunities.

  • Date: March 17-18
  • Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Venue: Kerry Hotel
  • Key Speakers: tba

Bitcoin 2020 Conference


Bitcoin 2020 Conference welcomes a multifaceted cast of speakers who may share only one thing in common: The work that they do every day is shaping the future of Bitcoin. Bitcoin may mean different things to different people, but Bitcoin 2020’s speakers are all paving the way for the original cryptocurrency and blockchain. Last year around 2,000 Bitcoiners, 100 speakers and 70 companies came together for the Bitcoin 2019 conference, asking and providing answers to the question: Why does this technology matter? This year Bitcoin 2020 is coming back to San Francisco, this time with more attendees, more fun and more Bitcoin.

  • Date: March 27-28
  • Location: San Francisco, United States
  • Venue: tba
  • Key Speakers: Aaron van Wirdum (Technical Editor, Bitcoin Magazine), Adam Back (CEO, Blockstream), Charlie Shrem (Bitcoin Pioneer & Podcast Host, Untold Stories), Nick Szabo (Cryptographer, Legal Scholar, Computer Scientist), Martti Malmi (Founder, Bitcointalk), BTC Core Contributors (Amiti Uttarwar, Bryan Bishop, James Hilliard)

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2020


After a successful first edition in April 2019, the Paris Blockchain Week Summit returns in 2020. Being the flagship event of Paris Blockchain Week, on March 31 & April 1 PBWSummit will gather the most prominent blockchain and digital asset organizations from all around the world for two days of insightful talks in Paris.

  • Date: March 31 - April 1
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Venue: STATION F – 5 Parvis Alan Turing
  • Key Speakers: tba

ANON Summit 2020


The ANON Summit 2020 will take place in Vienna and connect over 2000 attendees and over 100 speakers from over 50 countries. It markets itself as an opportunity for corporates that want to take advantage of changing market conditions and to collaborate with the most innovative startups. For visitors, it offers a chance to see a live keynote from Andreas Antonopoulos and more speakers.

  • Date: April 15-16
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Venue: Gösserhalle
  • Keynote Speakers: Andreas M. Antonopoulos (Author, The Internet of Money and Mastering Bitcoin/Ethereum), Maximilian Marenbach (Head of Banking Europe, Kraken), Jack Platts (Head of Collaborations, Polkadot), Bruno Skvorc (Technical Educator, Web3 Foundation), Mariya Gabriel (European Commissioner, Innovation and Youth)

Magical Crypto Conference 2020


The Magical Crypto Conference is a fun and light-hearted conference where anyone who wants to be more immersed in the technical approaches of Bitcoin can participate, network, and learn. Technical decision makers and technical strategy influencers from all over the world are united during these two days where they mingle and listen to multifaceted talks by leaders and pioneers of the industry. Coinciding with Blockchain Week in New York, the inaugural Magical Crypto Conference was organized in May 2019 and was a stunning success.

  • Date: May 09-10
  • Location: New York City, United States
  • Venue: Convene 225 Liberty Street
  • Key Speakers: Magical Crypto Friends, a collaboration between Charlie Lee (the creator of Litecoin), Samson Mow (CSO of Blockstream and CEO of Pixelmatic), Riccardo Spagni (lead maintainer of Monero), and WhalePanda (Bitcoin OG, crypto trader)

Consensus 2020


Consensus 2020 is the flagship event of New York Blockchain Week and strives to be the 'Big Tent' event globally for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry with speakers and attendees from leading industry startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders, and academic and policy groups who are building the foundations of the blockchain and digital currency economy.

  • Date: May 11-13
  • Location: New York City, United States
  • Venue: New York Hilton Midtown
  • Key Speakers: tba

Baltic Honeybadger


The Baltic Honeybadger conference is the first major event in Latvia dedicated to Bitcoin and the technologies built around it, with the goal to create an educational and community-driven event with high-profile speakers from all around the world and with different backgrounds — from technical engineers and cybersecurity professionals to business owners and bestselling authors. The conference is driven by the cypherpunk movement.

  • Date: tba
  • Location: Riga, Latvia
  • Key Speakers: tba

Not yet confirmed/announced for 2020:

Unchain Bitcoin & Blockchain Convention

Unchain is a 2 day conference featuring the world‘s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs. The main goal is to connect these experts with leading industrial players from all over the globe by discussing and exploring the full potential of a decentralized economy.

Web3 Summit

Web3 Summit is organized around a single rallying call: to facilitate a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web. Every year the devs and researchers working on lower level protocols and others interested in the latest developments in the decentralized web come together for an immersive and collaborative gathering focusing on the Web3 technology stack, including: P2P protocols. Platform neutral computation language. Data distribution protocols. Blockchains. Transient data/messaging. Encrypted storage. Protocol-extensible developer APIs.

Crypto Springs

Crypto Springs is a two day gathering where the economics, culture, technology and future of cryptocurrency is explored. Last year it took place for the first time in Palm Springs, California with a noticeably strong female speaker lineup including Elizabeth Stark, Stacey Herbert, Meltem Demirors - and all of them have already been announced as speakers for this years second edition too.


Devcon is considered the annual Ethereum “family reunion.” The Ethereum Foundation hosts Devcon to educate and empower our community to build decentralized applications, and to bring Ethereum protocols, tools, and culture to the world. This conference is mainly targeting builders: designers, UX researchers, smart contract devs, blockchain researchers, client implementers, test engineers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, and even artists in the community.


Since 2013 the Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference (LABITCONF) brings together several of the top speakers in the world, combined with the participation of industry players from more than 20 countries. Government and CEOs discuss and explore the full potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

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